Our Three Step Process

We take a specialised approach to selling only the very best natural health and beauty products with our exclusive Vital Harvest 3 Step Process. Thanks to our research-based product selection process, you can trust the advantage of buying organic and natural products that are backed by a wealth of international research. With the rigorous product testing of our 3 Step Process you can rest assured that every product we provide is safe, natural, toxic-free and offers outstanding results every time.

Step 1: We Research Every Product and Every Ingredient

We scientifically cross-check all ingredients used in each and every product sold in the Vital Harvest Store range with extensive reputable and peer-reviewed research. This research derived from the international scientific community is specifically aimed at uncovering the truth behind the product’s ingredients and common concerns associated with them including allergic reactions, immune-system suppressants, endocrine and hormone disruptors, respiratory issues and carcinogens (linked to cancer-causing properties).

Step 2: We Test Our Products

 After thorough research into our products and their ingredients, those products that are cleared for safety are put through a series of rigorous tests by the Vital Harvest Store team. We rank our products based on effectiveness, proportion of botanical actives, product feel, ease of use and value for money. By weighing up these important factors, we can confidently arrive at conclusions as to the true vital health benefits of each and every product.

Step 3: We take on board the Valuable Feedback of Our Customers

At Vital Harvest Store, we genuinely value customer feedback. Our team appreciate and consider honest feedback which is then directly applied to our product selection process. By encouraging a community of health minded members who can benefit from each other’s areas of expertise in sharing their views on the latest Vital Harvest Store products. This valuable customer feedback is used to continuously improve our search for the very best Natural and Certified Organic products available in Australia.