Non-toxic Nail polish - Magneffect by Layla
Non-toxic Nail polish - Magneffect by Layla

Non-toxic Nail polish - Magneffect by Layla

Brand: Suncoat non-toxic nails
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Why non-toxic nail polish?

Magneffect is a safe and creative range of nail polish by Layla. These are not only safe, but offer a revolutionary blend formulated to react to the magnet on the cap of the bottle creating instant, tridimensional designs in seconds. This innovative, safe formulation is free of the dirty dozen: toxic chemicals found in conventional nail polish.

"12 FREE" Magneffect is free of the 12 toxic chemicals commonly found in nail polish:

1.    Triphenyl phosphate (TPHP)
2.    Formaldehyde
3.    Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)
4.    Toluene
5.    Camphor
6.    Formaldehyde Resin
7.    Xylene
8.    Parabens
9.    Benzophenone-1
10.   D&C Red 34 Calcium Lake
11.   Aluminum Powder



Simply apply a coat of Magneffect, flip over the cap with the magnet and hold over nail as close as possible without touching the nail for 10 seconds. See the design appear right before your eyes. Apply a second coat and repeat steps for a more intense design. If you touch the nail with the cap just add another coat of polish and flip cap again as before. Have fun with it. Change the design by changing the direction of the marked line. No base coat is needed prior to applying Magneffect. Apply directly on clean nail. Quick drying. High gloss finish. Easily removed with nail polish remover. Free of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP.

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