Natural Fruit & Vege wash

Natural Fruit & Vege wash

Brand: Enviro
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Awesome cleaner for your fruit & vegetables.

Recommended for washing conventional and organic produce. Removes soiling, manures, fertlisers, waxes, herbicides and pesticides from surface of fruit and vegetables. Follow directions on label for better storage of produce.

Removes wax, pesticides, gases, herbicides, chemicals, animal soiling and dirt
Keeps fruit and vegetables in peak condition
Very concentrated
2 to 3 drops to half a sink of water
The very first product Dr. Ivy Bullen recommends to cancer patients (GP in Western Australia)




Add 2 to 3 drops to ½ sink full of cold water, using hands to massage chemical residues of produce.

Rinse in clean water with a few drops of apple cider vinegar. Drain on paper or cloth towel and store in refrigerator as particular produce requires.

Concentrated and fragrance free designed to remove chemicals, soiling, waxes, dust & pesticides on outer skin of fruit and vegetables. Produce will keep fresher when used in accordance to directions.

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