Anti-radiation Headset - Aircomm Airtube Headset - Exceptional live sound
Anti-radiation Headset - Aircomm Airtube Headset - Exceptional live sound Anti-radiation Headset - Aircomm Airtube Headset - Exceptional live sound

Anti-radiation Headset - Aircomm Airtube Headset - Exceptional live sound

Brand: Aircom
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Anti-Radiation airtube headsets have been developed and scientifically tested to stop 99% radiation exposure to your head while providing beautiful 'live' sound and this technology is now available at Vital Harvest Store.  

Radiation free

Airtube technology provides a 10cm air gap between the headset wiring and your ear. This prevents Electromagnetic Fields (EMF's) & Radio Frequencies (RF) from being transmitted through wiring and into the ear and head. Scientific lab tests reveal a SAR level (radiation absorption measure) of < 1%.  This is compared to fully wired headsets that actually increase radiation x3.

Beautiful sound

The Airtube headsets deliver high end definition, bass and clarity together with a unique, rich and full bodied live sound capability that you didn't know was even possible from a set of earbuds! That's the effect of six times more air space due to the patented amazing Airtube Technology.  This is further enhanced in the A5 headsets with real Rosewood sound chambers. Used also in guitar body construction Rosewood resonates sound and improves your listening experience. 


Ben Laxton - founder & sound loving technophile reviewed the Aircom Airtube headsets: 

“Sound comparable to the $150 SE215 headphones by Shure."; 

"A depth of sound that is very difficult to achieve from earbuds."

Surgeprotector - Whirlpool Audio Critic reviewed the Aircom Airtube headsets: 

“A rich and full sound which brings life to songs. Warm and engaging. Vocals so lifelike."


How does it work?

  • Patented hollow airtubes produce a striking and unique full bodied, non digitalized, natural live sound.


  • Radiation free. Phone radiation is not transmitted to your head (unlike wired headsets which magnify the radiation x 3).
  • Superb quality headset: clear phone communication and freedom to use your hands elsewhere.
  • Magnetic end-caps click together around the neck for easy access.
  • A3 is the Active user model (shaped for sports use) and the A5 has real rosewood sound chambers for an even richer sound experience.
  • Instant access to calls & music: use the microphone switch to answer / end calls or play / stop music.
  • Ear bud tips in S/M/L for a snug fit, effective sound isolating seal & maximum sound quality. Ear bud rings also in S/M/L for a secure fit even when active.
  • Apple & Samsung compatibility. Gold plated 3.5mm/4P plug suits most electronic devices
  • Includes detachable headset clip, carry case and instruction booklet
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